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Watertight sliding doors control system

Watertight door is a sliding gate in watertight bulkhead used to close the transfer between adjoining watertight compartments. It can be closed remotely, from the wheelhouse using the hydraulic system and locally at the crossing.

In case of hydraulic failure there is a possibility of watertight door closure (local) with a manual pump. Doors stay closed at sea and when the alarm sounds (general or fire) during vessel’s mooring in port. 

Watertight doors shall resist the water pressure in case of flooding an adjoining watertight compartment up to the main deck level.

The main tasks of the watertight door control system are:

Remote closing for example from the wheelhouse

Monitoring and signaling of the doors on a graphic panel

Monitoring and signaling to the integrated control system IAS using the selected protocol

Monitoring and signaling to the Video and Data Recorder VDR using the selected communication protocol for example NMEA in accordance with SOLAS requirements.

The system usually consists of several locally distributed substation connected by communication network with remotely located graphic panel (usually on the bridge).

Remote graphic panel enables door states and their drives preview and doors remote closing.