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Water level detection system for general cargo vessels system

Vessels which are less than 80 meters and which are equiped with a single cargo hold below the freeboard deck or a few holds below the freeboard deck which are not divided with at least one watertight bulkhead extending to this deck should be fitted with sensors to detect the appearance of water in such space or spaces.

The system is equipped with special sensors which are detedcting the presence of water in the holds of the ship. They are installed at two different heights in the tank. Information from the sensors is collected by the PLC. All data is presented in the form of visualization on the terminal.

The system is equipped with various types of optical and acoustic signaling which are activated when the presence of water is detected in one of the ship’s holds. When the water level in the cargo hold reaches a height of no less than 0.3 m above the inner bottom the pre-alarm is being activated. Main alarm signaling occurs when the water level reaches a height of no more than 15% of the average height of the hold.

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Block diagram of water level detection system for general cargo vessels system.