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Power Supply for Netwave VDR NW-4000: NW-4200

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We have the biggest stock of reconditioned spares for Netwave & Rutter VDRs. Always tested before the shipment.

For urgent deliveries please contact us on telephones +(45) 2670 9431 or +(370) 606 262 66.

Our stocks are located close to international airports so we can deliver to all ports in Europe within 24 hours.

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    Reconditioned Power Supply for Netwave VDR NW-4000:  type NW-4200.  Great price for a unit, which is tested.

    This unit is tested by a certified Netwave engineer and will be supplied with 3 months warranty.

    The reconditioned power supply is on our stocks in Poland, Denmark or Lithuania for shipment same day. We have the biggest stock of reconditioned spares forGMDSS and navigation in our stocks in Northern Europe. We provide certified engineers for service on GMDSS equipment plus radio surveys under major ship registers.

    Please contact us for quotation for radio survey, gyro overhaul or APT on VDR. We help shipowners to operate the vessels efficiently and avoid delyas in vessels schedule due to lack of spares: we have always all Netwave & Rutter VDR spares on our stocks, located different places in Europe, close to international airports. 

    Our engineers from Russia & Baltic countries can perform APT on Rutter & Netwave VDR for attractie prices.

    When it comes to electronic devices, power is life. It’s the difference between success and failure, data storage and data loss, and safety and danger while at sea. That’s why you need a reliable power supply and switch unit—and Netwave delivers. This power supply is ultimately efficient and completely uninterruptible for flawless performance. Put your trust in its reliable batteries that provide ongoing support in the event of a loss of any of the primary power supplies.

    Easy to install and operate—and with a minimum of space required—this power supply can be scaled to match any vessel, regardless of its size. Netwave’s PSU also boasts 8 ports and advanced power and data switching capabilities to the HSS, BCU, and WIMs. You will also enjoy the rapid and easy connection offered by the IP66 WaveNet Quickconnect™ toolless interconnection feature.

    Protect the security of your data even further with this PSU’s remote alarm and alarm contacts. And, even if you should face any difficulties, be reassured by the fact that the unit can be replaced in just 5 minutes (and any internal component can be replaced in less than 10). This PSU will make power failures a thing of the past.

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    Additional Info

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