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TT-3020C ( H-2095C ) Tranceiver: NEW

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The compact TT-3020C ( H-2095C ) full SOLAS/GMDSS Capsat® Transceiver: your ultimate choice for global Inmarsat-C mobile communication.

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    New or reconditioned under warranty: always on stock & ready for delivery.

    The popular SAILOR TT-3020C  ( H-2095C ) Inmarsat-C GMDSS Transceiver is your most preferable option for international marine safety correspondence. Conforming to the most recent SOLAS/GMDSS mandates, the transceiver framework incorporates global Marine Distress capabilities and in this manner guarantees that a salvage mission can be launched in a quick and secure manner. It additionally facilitates its operators to send and receive a wide range of composed messages, counting Enhanced Group Call, for example, FleetNet and SafetyNET.

    The TT-3020C ( H-2095C ) features prompt and dependable connections with any fax and information subscriber globally and/or expressly to and from a different Inmarsat-C unit.

    The hardy, exceptionally compact build, and power rationing components of the TT-3020C ( H-2095C ) transceiver, effectively makes it appealing to be used in your latest GMDSS establishment.

    You can make use of it for control, administration, and/or correspondence, and constantly be guaranteed of a quick and solid exchange of essential data, i.e. position reporting, information observation, communicating, convoy management, and so on.

    The TT-3020C (H-2095C ) transceiver can be ordered and delivered with our portable Omni-directional SAILOR TT-3005M aerial transmitter, coordinating both Inmarsat-C and GPS operation into a single component.

    Operation and management of the TT-3020C ( H-2095C )  can be carried out by means of the TT-3606E GMDSS authorized message station.

    Extra components, which include, air conditioning and DC power supply with programmed switchover, remote alarms, EGC printers, and so forth can be provided for your GMDSS establishment.

    The transceiver likewise incorporates various analogous control ports, regular NMEA 0183 nav/data interface and an improved ArcNet local system interface for linking together few ArcNet printers and alert boards.


    1. Total conformity with the most recent Inmarsat-C stipulations for SOLAS/GMDSS with distress calling CN114, IEC 945, IEC 1097-4 and CE necessities
    2. Exceptionally power saving, small, and portable configuration (size of a car radio)
    3. 2-way data, email and fax exchange to locations around the world.
    4. Information and position coverage to various locations and time gaps
    5. DNID's pre-programming for worldwide reporting.
    6. Perfect for nautical SOLAS/GMDSS establishments with skimming dc-supply
    7. The SAILOR TT-3000SSA transceiver wholly complies with and surpasses the obligations for LRIT and ought to likewise be considered as the fundamental transporter of LRIT transmissions

    We have it on stocks in Klaipeda, Lithuania and Gdansk, Poland: new and unused condition: but we have also refurbished transceivers TT-3020C ( H-2095 C ) in tested condition for attractive price. We offer warranty for our refurbished equipment

    Additionally we have antenna TT-3005M and message terminal TT-3606E and the rest of Inmarsat C and radio equipment from Thrane-Thrane / Sailor 4000 series .   All equipment is tested by Sailor / Thrane - Thrane trained engineers and we offer warranty also for our reconditioned equipment

    We  ship it  immediately, even as cloned unit for quick replacing. For urgent delveries please contact us on telephone +(45)2670 9431

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