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TT - 3020B Message terminal

TT - 3020B Message terminal

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    The compact TT - 3020B Message Terminal is the perfect choice for a maritime communication unit, with its compact design and high reliability. It fully supports all maritime communication requirements. The integration level of the TT - 3020B Message Terminal makes it very easy to install in a complete communication system.

    The TT - 3020B offers fast and reliable connections to any fax and data subscriber worldwide. The rugged and compact design with power conserving features of the TT - 3020B transceiver, makes it very attractive for use in your new GMDSS installation. It can be used in control, management and communication, and reliably provides fast and reliable transfer of vital information, i.e. position reporting, data monitoring, messaging, fleet coordination etc.

    The TT - 3020B supports all kinds of written messages, including Enhanced Group Call (EGC) such as SafetyNET and FleetNet.


    • Easy to install and especially designed for maritime envirnoment.
    • Full compliance with the latest Inmarsat-C specifications for SOLAS/GMDSS with distress calling CN 114, IEC 1097-4, IEC 945, and CE requirements.
    • Can be used with either TT-3020C GMDSS Transceiver or TT-3022D Fishery Transceiver.
    • Light weight, compact design with power conservation.
    • 2-way E-mail, and fax transfer to destinations world-wide.
    • Pre-programming of DNID’s for global coverage.
    • Ideal for maritime SOLAS/GMDSS installations with floating dc-supply.
    • 10.4” Color TFT high brightness flat panel display with 12 backlit soft keys allows for easy operation.
    • External memory of 3.5” floppy disk drive.
    • Remote on/off feature.



    Technical Specifications:



    Message terminal

    TT - 3020B


    Complies with

    INMARSAT specifications (CN114), and IEC 1097-4/IEC 945 for full SOLAS/GMDSS inslallations.

    Operating Frequencies

    Receive 1525.0-1559.0 MHz

    Transmit 1660.5 MHz.

    GPS 1575.42 MHz.

    Channel Spacing

    1.25/2.5/5 kHz.


    1200 symbols/sec. BPSK.

    Antenna Interface

    Standard 50 ohm female TNC (transceiver), female TNC (antenna).

    Up to 70 m antenna cable.

    Printer Interface

    Standard parallel IEEE 1284.

    (Centronics), DB-25F connector.

    Data & GPS I/O

    Serial EIA-422-A optically isolated input (NMEA 0183 protocol), DB-15F

    Parallel 1/0

    RS-410 4-bit open collector input/output and 2-bit input.

    Data Rate

    600 bit/sec

    Terminal Interface

    Serial EIA-232-E110-38.400 Baud IA-5 code, DB-9F connector

    ArcNet Interface

    Token based, twisted pair, 156 kbit.

    Optional GPS Module

    12-channel GPS tamper proof pcboard,

    1sec. Updale rate, 15m RMS accuracy (100m with S/A), 0.2m RMS velocity accuracy.

    Power Source

    10 - 32V floating dc 4.8/81WRx/Tx with GPS module.


    Floating 9V/400mA dc output for terminal equipment. Ambient temperature:

    Electronics Unit, -25ºC to 55ºC

    operating, -40ºC to 80ºC storage.

    Antenne Unit, -35ºC to 55ºC

    operating, -40ºC to 80ºC storage.


    Electronics Unit HxWxD, 50mm x

    180mm x 165mm, Antenna Unit HxD,

    178 mm x 122mm incl. Mast Mount.


    Electronics Unit 1.3 kg.

    Electronics Unit Mounting:

    Flange mounting, vertical or horisontal.

    Solar Radiation

    1200W/m2 max. Flux density

    Relative Humidity

    95% non-condensing at 40°C


    Up to 100 mm/hour, droplet size 0.5 to 4.5 mm


    Up to 25 mm.


    Up to 200 km/hour

    Vibration Operational

    Random 5-20 Hz: 0.005 g2/Hz

    20-150 Hz: -3dB/oct. (0.5g RMS).

    Vibration Survival

    Random 5-20 Hz: 0.05 g2/Hz

    20-150 Hz: -3dB/oct. (1.7g RMS).


    Half sine 20g/11ms

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    Additional Info

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