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TT - 3005m Sailor / Thrane-Thrane Antenna

TT - 3005m Sailor / Thrane-Thrane Antenna

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    The SAILOR TT-3005 Thrane - Thrane Antenna is your ultimate choice for global marine safety communication. Complying with the latest SOLAS\GMDSS requirements, the system is highly acclaimed and reliable ensuring that rescue activities can be initiated in a fast and secure way.

    The SAILOR TT-3005M antenna is the smallest maritime In Smarsat - C antenna in the world that ensures trouble free operation down to -15\u00b0 of elevation. It is an omni - directional antenna built specifically for vessels with its LNA/HPA electronics. The antenna housing is fully sealed, ensuring the best possible performance and reliability, even in extreme weather conditions. The antenna is compact and is designed to operate in a corrosive marine environment without any user serviceable parts. With the segmental construction of the module exchange of antenna elements is easier. The antenna is fully compatible to work with Inmarsat-C GMDSS specifications, Capsat transceivers TT3020C and is also able to receive GPS signals while not transmitting.

    It is able to transmit up to 32kb of message size. With its larger transmission capacity it can transmit pictures, drawings, and other types of graphics files.


    • The TT - 3005M provides easy installation with the TT - 3020C GMDSS Transceiver and the TT - 3022D Fishery Transceiver.
    • Designed to operate when the satellite is visible over the horizon and no signal path blockage is present.
    • Equipped with a TNC female connector and with 1’’ tube mounting.
    • Extremely powerful, light weight, and a compact design.
    • Ideal for maritime GMDSS installations and Fully GMDSS compatible.
    • Integrates both Inmarsat-C and GPS operation.
    • Approved for CN114 configurations.
    • 1″ tube mounting.

    Technical Specifications:



    Thrane - Thrane Antenna

    TT - 3005M



    -23 dB/K at 5°


    14 dBW ± 2dB at 5° elevation.


    -35°C to 55°C operating,

    -40°C to 80°C storage.


    mm x 122 mm.



    Maximum transmission length


    Solar Radiation

    Max. flux density 1200W/m2.

    Relative Humidity

    95% non-condensing at 40°C


    Up to 100 mm/hour, droplet size 0.5 to 4.5 mm


    Up to 25 mm.


    Up to 200 km/hour

    Vibration Operational

    Random 5-20 Hz: 0.005 g2/Hz

    20-150 Hz: -3dB/oct. (0.5g RMS).

    Vibration Survival

    Random 5-20 Hz: 0.05 g2/Hz

    20-150 Hz: -3dB/oct. (1.7g RMS).


    Half sine 20g/11ms

    Antenna Mounting

    1” tube mounting

    Transceiver coax cable

    0.7Ohm max DC resistance (shield + inner conductor)

    17dB max RF insertion loss at 1.6GHz.

    100 meter max cable length. TNC connectors.

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

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