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Thrane-Thrane / SAILOR TT-3672 A Fleetbroadband Handset

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    This IP handset Sailor / Thrane-Thrane TT-3672 A  allows user to make phone calls using VOIP, phone services are provided over the internet or over an IP based network.

    Thrane IP handset provides plain and secure voice communication over internet or an IP based network.

    The handset TT-3672 A is robust and is splash proof and dust proof hence can withstand adverse conditions in the marine for example.

    When the IP handset is connected to a Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), it gains access to the BGAN satellite network. Between the BGAN terminal and the handset communication is IP based and from the BGAN terminal the call is transmitted like a normal call.

    There are two versions of the handset; wired TT-3672B Thrane Handset and Cradle and wireless TT-3072A Thrane IP Handset and Cradle. Both versions include two main units; the handset itself and the cradle.

    For the wired IP handset, a coil cord connects the handset to the cradle. An Ethernet cable from the cradle then connects to a LAN port of BGAN terminal. The wired handset is does not require an external power supply since it is powered directly from the LAN interface using Power over Ethernet (PoE).

    The wireless IP handset connects wirelessly to an access point that is connected to either a BGAN terminal or any other IP connection. The wireless handset has an internal battery that can be charged either from the cradle which is connected to an external power supply or from a computer or a USB charger. Enhanced power management enables use of wireless handset up to 24 hours on battery when the battery is fully charged.

    Our reconditioned handset Sailor / Thrane - Thrane TT-3672 A is tested before the shipment and is delivered with 3 months warranty from stocks in Lithuania and Poland.

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

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    Brand Thrane-Thrane/Sailor/Cobham
    Category Satcom