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Tanks sounding system

The main task of tanks sounding system is to measure the amount of fluid in tanks.

The measuring can be performed for each type of medium:

Fresh water
Sea water (ballast water)
Diesel oil DO, MDO
Heavy fuel oil HFO
Lubricating oil
Any other medium specified in requirements

The system provides the ability to read the amount of the medium both in the liquid bargraph form and the volume of the liquid in the tank (m3) with regard to the current vessel trim.

The system has functionality of alarming when liquid in the tank crosses high or low level and diagnosing in case of transducer or the measurement loop fault.

In the case of a dangerous medium, covered by EX area (fuel oil , lubricating oil), the system is equipped with explosion measuring separators. provides the opportunity to develop a system both for newly built vessels as well as a retro-fits of old systems . We also provide service and maintenance of existing systems.

The system is built-in in a small compact enclosure to which all transducers are connected. The measurement results are presented in graphi form on the LCD touch screen terminal or on the operator station.

It is possible to expand the system by a certain communication protocol (eg. Modbus or NMEA ) to transfer data to the Engine Room Monitoring System or IAS (Integrated Autmation System) if necessary.