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At we can provide you with spares of every possible sort. Through our sophisticated suppliers channels we purchase spares for GMDSS, communication, navigation, and many more. If you are looking for a product that you do not find in our catalog, do contact us, since the fact probably is such that the product simply has not been added to public display and most likely is on its way.


We are continuously adding more products available to one-click purchase here in our online shop.


Feel free to browse through the sub categories to search for your need or use the search feature above. As stated, not only do we carry popular equipment, but we are also able to deliver specific equipment. Furthermore we would like to state the fact that we are have expert knowledge in all advanced developers of marine equipment on all their products, including the ones mentioned below. We do have first hand contact with excellent service agents of any kind and we consult them with any matter necessary for our customers.


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  1. Supertrack A 9, 85 cm

    Supertrack A 9, 85 cm

    • Always-on connectivity for broadband and VolP
    • Flat monthly rate
    • High performing in motion maritime antenna
    • Brake System
    • European coverage
    • First class distribution network
    • CE R&TTE Certified

    KNS has recently developed a cost e­cient exclusive antenna series in collaboration with ASTRA Broadband Services, Europe’s Leading provider of satellite services and the H2O satellite. The SuperTrack A-Series service package enables maritime customers to not only bene‑t from an “always on” internet connection and VolP services but also to cut down on the high cost of equipment and services.

    The SuperTrack A-Series supports various applications including internet access, email, data transfer capabilities, web sur‑ng, VolP VPN security, etc. The A-Series is suitable for merchant vessels, ‑shing and oshore vessels, luxury yachts, Leisure boats and more.

    KNS A-Series is also available from KNS Europe distribution center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    Installation time aprox 3 days.


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    Supertrack A 6 - 61 cm,  price 9 015,00 Eur 

    Supertrack A 10 – 100 cm,  price 19 480,00 Eur 

    Supertrack A 12 - 120 cm,  price 22 220,00 Eur 


    We supply also satellite connectivity for unlimited data communication from 300 Eur pr month. Contact us for further information

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  2. Supertrack S 10, 100 cm

    Supertrack S 10, 100cm

    • Automatic Satellite Search & Skew Control
    • Accurate Signal Acquisition by KNS’s Distinctive Algorithm
    • Pre-programmed satellite database
      Editable 80 satellite data
    • Antenna Control Unit
      DiSEqC 1.2 function
    • CE (EN60945) Satisfied

    Don’t miss out on the latest news, weater, or sports games. No matter where you are in the world the SuperTrack S-Series keeps you up to date and in the front row at your favorite sports event.

    Equipped with the state of the art KNS 3 axes servo stabilization system and the built-in GPS, The S-Series outperforms all other TVRO systems in the market today. Larger S-Series antennas providing stronger signal acquisitions are available for more ecient performance in any condition.

    Installation time aprox 2-3 days.

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    Supertrack S 4 - 45 cm,  price 5 570, 00 Eur

    Supertrack S 6 - 61 cm,  price 7 870, 00  Eur

    Supertrack S 8 - 85 cm,  price 11 315, 00 Eur

    Supertrack S 12 - 120 cm,  price 18 295, 00 Eur

    Supertrack S 15 - 150 cm,  price 27 930, 00 Eur

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