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At we can provide you with spares of every possible sort. Through our sophisticated suppliers channels we purchase spares for GMDSS, communication, navigation, and many more. If you are looking for a product that you do not find in our catalog, do contact us, since the fact probably is such that the product simply has not been added to public display and most likely is on its way.


We are continuously adding more products available to one-click purchase here in our online shop.


Feel free to browse through the sub categories to search for your need or use the search feature above. As stated, not only do we carry popular equipment, but we are also able to deliver specific equipment. Furthermore we would like to state the fact that we are have expert knowledge in all advanced developers of marine equipment on all their products, including the ones mentioned below. We do have first hand contact with excellent service agents of any kind and we consult them with any matter necessary for our customers.


We look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Furuno IC-212 for Felcom 12 Inmarsat C

    Furuno IC-212 for Felcom 12 Inmarsat C

    We are the largest supplier of Furuno reconditioend equipment in Europe Our Felcom 12 unit IC-212 is tested by Furuno certified endineers and found in good working condition Learn More
  2. Furuno IC-216 for Furuno SSAS Felcom 16: reconditioned

    Furuno IC-216 for Furuno SSAS Felcom 16: reconditioned

    We have the biggest stock of reconditioned Furuno equipment in Europe. Delivery time of IC-216 for Felcom 16 within Europe: 24 hours

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  3. Furuno ATU Coupler FS-1560-15 & / FS-1560-25

    Furuno ATU Coupler FS-1560-15 & / FS-1560-25

    Our Furuno Antenna tuner units / Antenna Couplers ATU FS-1560-15 or ATU FS-1560-25 are tested before the shipment

    We are the biggest supplier of Furuno reconditioned spares in Europe.

    Please contact us if you urgently need Furuno spare parts: we have everything on stock.

    We help you to avoid to replace the whole MF/HF radioes because we have all spares.

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  4. Message terminal IC-215 for Furuno Felcom 15

    Message terminal IC-215 for Furuno Felcom 15

    Our Furuno Felcom 15 message terminal IC-215 is tested and will be delivered with warranty

    We  have also IC-115 for Furuno Felcom 15 for GMDSS and IC-116 for Furuno Felcom 16 for SSAS

    We are the largest supplier of reconditioned Furuno equipment in Europe and we have most of the obsolate Furuno spares whic hare not available from the manufacturer or official distribution channels. For emergency suplies, please call us on telephone nr +(45) 2670 9431

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  5. Furuno MF/HF radioes FS-1570 or FS-2570

    Furuno MF/HF radioes FS-1570 or FS-2570

    For urgent deliveries of Furuno reconditioned GMDSS equipment , please call us on telephones +(45) 2670 9431 or +(370) 606 26266

    We have all spares for Furuno GMDSS equipment on stock, including the spares which are obsolate from Furuno.

    Please contact us: we will help you.




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  6. Inmarsat C antenna IC-116 from Furuno, for Felcom 16 or Felcom 15

    Inmarsat C antenna IC-116 from Furuno, for Felcom 16 or Felcom 15

    Inmarsat C antenna IC-116 for Felcom 16 reconditioned. This antenna can also work as IC-115 for Inmarsat C Felcom 15.

    This unit is tested by certified Furuno engineer and will be supplied with 3 months warranty

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  7. Furuno FE-800

    Furuno FE-800

     Dual frequency display (50/200 kHz)*

    The depth at the FORE and AFT positions can be displayed simultaneously.

     A variety of display modes available: NAV, OS DATA and HISTORY

     High contrast 8.4" LCD

     When interfaced with FURUNO remote display RD-20/50, depth information can be observed at a remote location

     Optional printer interface available for printing out echogram

     Connecting a PC with the optional data recording software allows you to store, compile and print out the past data of the echogram via PC

     BAM (Bridge Alert Management) ready**

    Meets the specific requirements for alerts and interconnection with Bridge Alert Management in IMO MSC.302 (87)
    ** BAM capability is to be implemented as software update after the product release in early 2015.

     Depth data for the past 24 hours is storable in the internal memory

    For the amount of data for storage and playback on the FE-800, please refer to “HISTORY” on the right page. With the optional PC software, the sounding information can be stored and played back for 24 hours, when the recording interval is set at 5 sec.

     Visual and audible alerts

    The FE-800 generates alerts when the water depth below transducer is shallower than a preset depth. When the seabed is lost due to the lowered power supply or out of range scale, an alert is generated.

    * When interfaced with two transducers


    NAV Mode    Displays the depth numerically and graphically.


    Displays Own Ship Data (OS DATA)*

    * only available if the FE-800 is connected to an external EPFS (Electronic Position-Fixing System), such as a GPS navigator.


    Displays a combination of Contour and Strata echo readings taken.


    Displays the stored time, depth and own ship position. The logbook is capable of storing data for up to 720 log entries.

    Alert Log List

    Displays the alert history (containing up to 100 alerts).

    Optional printer and PC software to utilize the stored data

    The past data can be stored on a PC with the optional software. Also, printout function of the echogram is available via the optional printer PP-505-FE.


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  8. Furuno navigation echosounder: FE-700,  50 kHz, reconditioned

    Furuno navigation echosounder: FE-700, 50 kHz, reconditioned

    We have the largest stock of Furuno reconditioned spares in Europe: all items are tested & ready for shipment

    For urgent inquires about delivery time & price of Furuno FE-700 please contact us on telephones +(370) 606 26266 or +(45) 2670 9431

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  9. Furuno AIS FA-150

    Furuno AIS FA-150

    The FA150 is a shipborne Universal AIS (Automatic Identification System) Transponder capable of exchanging navigation and ship data between own ship and other ships or coastal stations. The FA150 consists of a transponder unit and a compact display unit with 4.5" Silver Bright Display. The compact FA150 display is designed to accommodate a simple and space-saving installation with a user-friendly ergonomic design.

    The transponder unit contains a VHF transmitter, two TDMA receivers on parallel VHF channels, a DSC channel 70 receiver, interface processor and internal GPS receiver. The GPS receiver is a 12-channel all-in-view receiver and has Differential capabilities (DGPS). The GPS receiver provides UTC reference and also provides position, COG and SOG in the event that a connected external GPS receiver fails.

    The FA150 provides multiple interfaces for Radar, ECDIS and PC. The available Combo GPS/VHF antenna affords flexible, easy installation.

    The FA150 provides the following data:

    • MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity)
    • IMO Number (where available)
    • Call sign & vessel name
    • Length and beam
    • Type of ship
    • Location of position-fixing antenna on ship
    • Ship's position with accuracy indication and integrity status
    • UTC
    • COG, SOG and Heading
    • ROT (Rate of Turn) where available
    • Ship's draught
    • Navigation status
    • Hazardous cargo (type)
    • Destination and ETA (at captain's discretion)
    • Short safety-related messages and free messages.

    The FA150 complies with IMO MSC.74(69) Annex 3, A.694, ITU-R M.1371-1 and DSC ITU-R M.825. It also complies with IEAC 61993-2 (Type testing standard) and IEC 60945 (EMC and environmental conditions).

    For delivery time & installation price , please contact us on email

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  10. Furuno RU-3424 Rectifier

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