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At we can provide you with spares of every possible sort. Through our sophisticated suppliers channels we purchase spares for GMDSS, communication, navigation, and many more. If you are looking for a product that you do not find in our catalog, do contact us, since the fact probably is such that the product simply has not been added to public display and most likely is on its way.


We are continuously adding more products available to one-click purchase here in our online shop.


Feel free to browse through the sub categories to search for your need or use the search feature above. As stated, not only do we carry popular equipment, but we are also able to deliver specific equipment. Furthermore we would like to state the fact that we are have expert knowledge in all advanced developers of marine equipment on all their products, including the ones mentioned below. We do have first hand contact with excellent service agents of any kind and we consult them with any matter necessary for our customers.


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  1. Navtex NCR-333

    Navtex NCR-333


    5.7 inch Wide LCD Screen

    Automatic Tune Function by GPS

    ●Full meet latest IMO

    ●3 receiving frequencies

    ●Printerless type

    ●Easy Installation

    ●Easy operation

    ●External Printer (Option)

    ●Navtex data export function for INS (ECDIS or etc.) 


    Specifications                    490kHz, 518kHz, 4209.5kHz

    Receiving frequency       F1B NAVTEX broadcast

    Receiving mode                CER better than 1x10-2 at 1µV

    Sensitivity                           input to 50Ω antenna

    Frequency stability         +/-15Hz

    Display                                 5.7-inch Black & White LCD

    Received message         Each Channels : 200 messages

    Storage function              Storage length : 70hours

    Interface for external     Serial Interface : 2ports

    Units                                    (For Printer and INS)

    Power supply                    12V~24V DC


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  2. Navtex NX-700A / NX-700B:  reconditioned for attractive price

    Navtex NX-700A / NX-700B: reconditioned for attractive price

    NAVTEX RECEIVER (with printer)
    Model NX-700A

    Enhances the navigation efficiency and safety by watching NAVTEX messages broadcasted on both international and local channels.

    The NX-700 can receive the international NAVTEX messages as well as domestic or local NAVTEX messages at the same time.


    • Fulfils IMO resolution MSC.148 (77) to be implemented on and after 1 July 2005 requiring
    • Dual channel reception, 518 kHz and either 490 or 4209.5 kHz, simultaneously
    • Incorporates a printing device (NX-700A) or a dedicated display device with printer output (NX-700B)
    • 200 message of average length 500 characters can be stored in  memory
    • Incorporates a preamp within a lightweight, compact antenna for reliable, uninterrupted reception
    • Display messages on a clear 5"  LCD monitor
    • Low power consumption
    • NAV data display acts as NMEA repeater for GPS or instruments

    What is included in a system :

      DISPLAY UNIT NX-700 A or B


    Important   We can also deliver single parts of Furuno Navtex NX-700 !

    Please send inquiry


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  3. Navtex NT-1800

    Navtex NT-1800

    High-end GMDSS model for SOLAS vessels, fully compliant with SOLAS Convention 74, IMO resolution MSC.148(77), IEC 61097-6 Ed.2 and other international NAVTEX regulations. 5,7" daylight-viewing color TFT LCD display backlit with white LED lamps for extra long service life. Simultaneous reception of 518 & 490 kHz or 518 & 4209,5kHz with single-touch switching of displayed messages. Independent selection of transmitters and message types for display / storage and output to a printer, INS port or other onboard PC/NMEA devices. Receiver operation externally controllable via INS device.

    Automatically dispalys SAR messages in red, clearly distinguishing them from other message tyes while audibly alerting the user even for messages received on a second frequency. Selectable background colors and text font sizes. Single preamplified whip antenna (NA-2000) with built-in passband filter for each frequency. Interfaces with optional serial printer (PR-950) via printer port to print live messages or stored messages.


    Frequencies: 518, 490 and 4209,5 kHz; simultaneous reception of 518 kHz and either 490 or 4209,5 kHz

    Display: 5,7" TFT color LCD, LED-backlit, 20 lines/screen with 40 characters/line

    Storage: 200 messages (500 characters/massage average) plus 50 protected messages against automatic erasure

    Antenna: 1,2m preamplified fiberglass whip, 8V/10mA fed from receiver cabinet via coax cable

    External interfaces: INS (RS-422), printer (RS-232C) and 8-pin I/O date port (NMEA-0183, 12V/200mA output)

    Power Requirements: 24 VDC (safely operates over 11-40V range), approx. 11W

    Weight: approx. 2,4kg with bracket attached

    Environment: -15 to 55oC (cabinet/operating), -40 to 70 oC (antenna), 95% RH, IPX-4 (protected equipment category)

    Compass safe distances: 0,60m (standard), 0,35m (steering), with bracket attached


    The price include antenna and antenna cable.

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  4. SAILOR 6391 Navtex System
  5.  McMurdo Navtex for Solas vessels

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