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SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal, price 790 Eur, on stock

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We have Sailor / Thrane-Thrane message terminal TT-3606E on stock.

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    We have Sailor / Thrane-Thrane TT-3606E message terminal on stock for immediate delivery: we have both floppy drive or SD drive versions on our stocks.

    We have it on stock in Denmark, Lithuania, UK and Poland: For urgent deliveries of message terminal Sailor TT-3606E call us on telephone +(45) 2670 9431

    The price is 790 Eur. 

    Sailor’s TT-3606E Message Terminal is a compact maritime terminal for use in GMDSS installations, providing several types of interfaces for connection to external equipment, such as a transceiver, MF/HF Radio Telex applications and an Alarm panel.

    It complies with full SOLAS/GMDSS Transceiver is your ultimate choice for global Inmarsat-C mobile communication. The TT-3020C standards and offers fast and reliable connections to any fax and data subscriber worldwide. The exceptionally compact design provides easy installation in vessels.  The modular design can be used multipurpose and can be be installed with the optional mounting bracket, in a console, or directly on a wall.

    The module is equipped with a 10.4” HD TFT flatpanel with advanced light sensors to ensure a user friendly and clear operation in any light condition. 12 softkeys on the front panel allow to quickly navigate through the software.


    The Sailor TT-3606E Message Terminal is backwards compatible with other Capsat programs.

    • GMDSS approved according to latest specifications.
    • Easy to install and especially designed for maritime envirnoment.
    • Full compliance with the latest Inmarsat-C specifications (CN114) and IEC 1097/IEC 945 for full SOLAS/GMDSS installation.
    • The TT-3606E is fully EMC and CE compliant. It can be used with either TT-3020C GMDSS Transceiver or TT-3022D Fishery Transceiver.
    • Light weight, compact design with power conservation.
    • Ideal for maritime SOLAS/GMDSS installations with floating dc-supply.
    • 10.4” Color TFT high brightness flat panel display with 12 backlit soft keys allows for easy operation.
    • External memory of 3.5” floppy disk drive.
    • Provided with PS/2 keyboard interface.
    • Remote on/off feature.

    Technical Specifications:



    Message terminal

    TT - 3606E


    Complies with

    Current Inmarsat-C

    specifications (CN114) and IEC

    1097/IEC 945 for full SOLAS/GMDSS

    installation. The TT-3606E is fully EMC

    and CE compliant.


    The TT-3606E is based on a 386SX40MHz

    processor and has a 2MB

    RAM memory and a 4MB Flash disk.

    The 3.5” floppy drive is conveniently

    located below the display.


    10.4” Colour TFT flatpanel with a

    640x480 resolution.

    Terminal Interface:

    Two SubD 9 Male connectors RS-232.

    Printer Interface:

    Standard parallel Centronics, SubD 25

    Female connector.

    Keyboard Interface:

    5-pin mini-DIN, PS/2 Keyboard.

    Power consumption:

    Approx. 20 watts, maximum, approx.

    13 watts, typical.

    Power Source:

    10 to 32 V floating DC, 15 pin SubD

    Female connector for remote control

    of on/off.


    Internal automatic recovering poly


    Ambient Temperature:

    -20°C - 55°C operating, -40°C - 80°C



    H x W x D, 221 x 297 x 114.5 mm w/o

    bracket. H x W x D, 256 x 297 x114.5

    mm w bracket.



    Solar Radiation

    1200W/m2 max. Flux density

    Relative Humidity

    95% non-condensing at 40°C

    Vibration Operational

    Random 5-20 Hz: 0.005 g2/Hz

    20-150 Hz: -3dB/oct. (0.5g RMS).

    Vibration Survival

    Random 5-20 Hz: 0.05 g2/Hz

    20-150 Hz: -3dB/oct. (1.7g RMS).

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    Additional Info

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