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Sailor RT5022 VHF DSC: reconditioned

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    The sailor range of radios support crews in safe and efficient operations as well as meeting GMDSS international safety regulations. Designed to withstand the tough maritime environment while coping with the demand for reliable communication and safety equipment at sea, RT5022 VHF DSC class A aims to make history into the future.

    It is a vital tool for everyday operation and has been developed for the harsh maritime environment. RT5022 VHF DSC provides flexibility through straightforward installation, either as part of a GMDSS console or on its own. As a result of improved, high performance and innovative, easy-to-use functionality the radio offers important operational enhancements. It introduces two separate displays and menus, so that the user can easily change settings.  The highly advanced 7 segment LCD display ensures the information can be read regardless of the light conditions on the bridge – day or night. The text can be displayed as white on black background, and as black on white background, to provide the optimal reading condition in daylight. Red backlight protects the night vision of the user.


    Features of our VHF Sailor RT5022:

    • Unique SAILOR Replay (90 sec.) of incoming communication.
    • High quality display 7 segment display with perfect night and day vision
    • Powerful 5W loudspeaker Intuitive and easy to operate menu structure
    • Scroll and quick selection function for easy operation
    • One press alarm mute button.
    • Dual watch and scanning.
    • Built-in Class A DSC with 2000 DSC addresses.
    • Provides connections upto 2 semi-intelligent control units.



    UHF Digital Selective Calling

     RT5022 VHF DSC



    All Int., US and BI channels.

    Up to 30 private channels in 3 separate banks designated F,P or L. Each bank contains 10 private channels.

    Channel spacing

    25 KHz / 12,5 KHz

    Operation modes

    Simplex /Semi-duplex


    G3EJN for Telephony

    G2B for DSC.

    Frequency stability

    Better than ± 3 ppm

    Aerial connectors

    Standard 50Ω female SO239

    Temperature range

    -15°C to +55°C

    Supply voltage

    12V to 24V DC nominal

    Supply voltage range

    (10,8V to 31,2V DC)


    Frequency range

    149.30 – 163.75 MHz

    Sensitivity for 20 dB SINAD CCITT weighted

    Better than -121 dBm or 0,20 μV p.d.

    Output for External L.S.

    5W (8 Ω)

    AF rated Power Internal L.S.


    S/N ratio

    Better than 43dB


    Frequency range

    149.30 – 163.75 MHz

    RF output power

    High: 25W +0 dB / –0,5 dB

    Low: 0,85W +0,5 dB / –1 dB

    Adjacent channel power

    Better than 75 dB

    Conducted spurious emission

    Better than 0,1 μW

    S/N ratio

    Better than 46dB


    Better than 5%

    DSC facilities

    DSC operation

    According to Rec. ITU-R M.541-9

    and Rec. ITU-R M.689-2

    DSC protocol

    According to Rec. ITU-R M.493-11

    Class A

    Navigator interface

    According to IEC 61162-1


    Symbol error rate

    Better than 1*10-2 @ -121 dBm

    or 0,20 μV p.d.


    1700 Hz ± 400 Hz

    1200 baud

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

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    Brand Thrane-Thrane/Sailor/Cobham
    Category VHF