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    Sailor Control Unit 5000 is designed for 150W / 250W MF / HF transceiver with integrated DSC and telex for maritime applications. Sailor products provide high reliability and high-tech functionality along with ease of use and thus, are considered as the leading product in maritime communication. The SAILOR CU5000 is a modular and flexible control unit that provides much more than just a way to meet mandatory GMDSS requirements. In addition to being part of the innovative SAILOR 5000 GMDSS radio series, it can be customized to be used for MF/HF is an integral part of a vessels communication system on work boats, high seas fishing vessels and merchant vessels of all kinds. The device has been designed considering the importance of the tool especially in distress and rugged conditions.

    The SAILOR 5000 MF / HF radio provides several unique new features such as simplex and semi-duplex SSB radiotelephone, a highly efficient DSC and a dedicated 2187, 5 kHz DSC watch receiver to ensure high performance and reliable communication for MF GMDSS installations.

    The Control Unit is compact, making it suitable for marine equipment and is suitable for operation of radiotelephone as well as DSC and telex functions.

    The whole system comes with built-in test facilities and replaceable module design to simplify the service concept.


    • The Control Unit consists of a main module 60 - 122876 and a MMI module 60 - 122877.
    • The main module consists of the digital part, i.e. the microprocessor, program FLASH PROM, configuration FLASH PROM, RAM, ScanBus data communication driver, SPARC-Bus driver, Printer interface, Keyboard interface and data terminal interface.
    • The main module also consists of an analog part, i.e. the voltage regulators, the analog interface circuits and the analog output drivers (audio and light). The main module supports a build-in speaker and the connectivity of an external 8 ohm speaker.
    • Soft keys, guiding text and large display enable simple and straight forward use of equipment.
    • The control unit is equipped to be directly connected to keyboard, printer or data terminal for telex operation.
    • The system is powered from a 24V DC battery and is also equipped with an optional AC supply input port that can be supplied from 115/230 V AC main or emergency supplies with automatic switch-over to 24 V DC supply in the absence of AC supply voltage. Along with this, battery charger for AC is available in the product line.

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