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Sailor 6204/6205 Control Speaker Microphone

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    The Control Speaker Microphone (CSM) is used for speaking and remotely controlling a VHF radio.

    The device is connected to and powered by the VHF radio and has full radio functionalities. Four CSMs can be connected to one radio at a particular time.

    The microphone of the CSN is switched off automatically when the VHF radio needs audio.

    The VHF radio and CSM cannot be used simultaneously. When the CSM is being used, the VHF radio is unavailable for use and when the VHF radio is in use, the CSM is unavailable. The VHF radio can be dis-engaged and made available for use by lifting the handset or pressing any key.

    The CSM provides the user control on both the device and the radio. The user can adjust volume, dim display and lock keyboard of the device. To transmit, the Push To Talk button is used while the selector wheel allows channel or soft key selection. Soft key functions allow user to operate radio remotely. Current working channel of the radio and information relating to the working channel are shown on the device’s display.

    Additionally the device allows user to replay recorded voice messages and mute background noises.

    Only the Sailor 6205 has a Distress button at the back end and displays the position and MMSI number for the connected radio.


     Example of setup of the TT-6204/TT-6205

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

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    Brand Thrane-Thrane/Sailor/Cobham
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