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Sailing Yacht A [Infographic]

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Sailing Yacht A infographic

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Sailing Yacht A

Owner: Andrey Melnichenko

Occupation: Chairman of the Strategy Committee at EuroChem Group AG, SUEK LTD and SGK.

$12,1 Billion net worth.


Sailing Yacht A

Price: 400mio $ (Designed by Philippe Starck)

That is more than the national defence budget of Georgia, Cameroon, or Estonia

It is more than double the price of building a new Titanic, and more than building Colloseum in Rome today.


Features of the yacht:

The deck windows have a magnifying effect which makes them small from the outside but huge from the inside.

There will be space for both a helipad and a swimmingpool on the deck

The masts can each sustain 90 knots of wind (hurricane Katrina in 2005 had a max wind speed of 165 knots)

The yacht will have 8 floors

A small room is located in the tallest mast

The crew will be able to raise and lower the sails and even drop the anchor through the digital interface

The yacht is equipped with a high-tech digital control system operated using a sensitive sheet of black glass on the bridge.


The yacht in 148m in length, and the tallest mast is 91m. 

This means that the yacht from sea level to the top of the mast is taller than Big Ben which is 96 meters in height.

The yacht is twice as long as a Boeing 747 and each mast can sustain the weight of 2 double decker busses.


Cruise speed is 18mph, with a top speed of 24mph which is almost as fast as Usain Bolts highest speed ever.


Melnychenko is believed to have paid 400$ for the yacht. The interior is still under construction which could easily cost 10.000$ per square meter.


The interior will include hot tubs, several incredible suites, an underwater observatory, lifts, balconies, steam rooms, perhaps a home theater. Only the imagination of Melnychenko will decide. The yacht will furthermore feature a private submarine and a 3-floor indoor atrium.


The interior of Melnychenkos other yacht, Motor Yacht A, is designed with Baccarat-crystal, polished silver, walls covered in hand-stitched calf's leather, chairs made from alligator hides and Kudo horns. Motor Yacht A has bomb-proof glass, several hidden rooms behind mirrors, 6 guest suites, and a glass roof. 


The glass in the underwater observatory is succesfully tested at 120 meter - 10 times the pressure it is regarded to sustain. 


Studies show that super yacht owners should expect yearly operation fees of 10% of the value of the yacht.