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Refrigerated cargo system


The main purpose of reefer vessels is transporting food and industrial products which should be provideed with adequate environmental conditions during the voyage, such as: Temperature, humidity, and pressure.

To achieve this, it is required to instal special refrigerated cargo systems.

The reefer plant system works based on specialist measuring and executive devices and PLCs, as a main control unit.

The signals are collected and analyzed by the PLC and are presented in the form of visualization on the operator panel that allows control and monitoring of all necessary parameters of the system. The collected signals can be archived in order to create recipients, which confirms the right storage of goods, which on the other hsnds their high quality. Proper storage ensures good quality of products and protects against the formation of health risks for consumers. 

We specialize design and construction of new complete systems as well as repairs and adaptations of existing systems.







An example of a standard refrigeration system


A sample chart visualization of the cooling system