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Raytheon Anschutz Serial/360° Synchro Converter - Course Transducer

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    This unit, the Serial/360° synchro converter enables the conversion of serial heading information, NMEA or Course Bus) to a coarse synchro output.

    This is usefull if you have an old Raytheon Anschutz Autopilot or NautoCourse and wish to connect it to a newer gyro compass, for example.

    This unit is useful to the shipowner who is looking for a retrofit solution, for example upgrading the gyrocompass in an existing system. This retrofit solution thus enables shipowners a cost-efficient and high-quality solution. Raytheon Anschutz has a great product line for owners; For example the Serial/360° synchro converter is often considered in a retrofit with the Standard 22 Gyro Compass, which is very flexible in its design, and can be combined in practically any setup.

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    Additional Info

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