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Raytheon Anschutz Magnetic Sonde

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    The Magnetic Sonde can be connected with Raytheon Anschutz Autopilots, heading reference managing systems, Course Monitor, Steering Control System, Monitor Repeater Compass.

    Connecting the sonde electronically is possible either through a Junction Box or straight onto a terminal strip for the unit which has electronic connection with the magnetic sonde.

    If you have no junction box available in the magnetic compass system, you need a Magnetic Sonde with product number: 108-010 NG001 (The BSH type). This type of sonde enables direct connection with a cable which can be screwed on in a watertight connection.

    The type 108-010 NG002 is suited for the setup where no junction box us available in the magnetic compass setup. This type connects directly through the terminal strip of the connected device. It is delivered without the plug.

    The type of the magnetic sonde with the product number 108-010 NG003 is suited for fulfilling the case where two magnetic sondes are required for the magnetic compass system setup. This type is also delivered without plugs.


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    Additional Info

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