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Raytheon-Anschutz Gyrosphere Reconditioned

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We are authorized distributor of Raytheon-Anschutz in Baltic countries and we have the biggest stock of spares for Raytheon-Anschutz in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

For urgent deliveries of Raytheon-Anschutz spares or service please contact us on telephones +370 606 26266 or +45 2670 9431

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    Experts in Raytheon Anschütz Gyroes at your service: expect great things !

    The Gyrosphere for Standard 20 and 22, item number 111-006.E001AT, is available on stock for attractive price, as well as service kits and other spares for the gyroes and autopilots.

    No matter where your vessel is located, we are able to get the gyro sphere to the respective port in a matter of days. 

    We are a leading Raytheon-Anschütz supplier in Baltic Sea area, and we can ensure you that we offer the highest level of expertise and customer service.

    Our engineers are highly trained and competent with both the Standard 20 and the Standard 22 Gyroes.

    For any inquiries on the Raytheon-Anschütz Gyrosphere please send us an e-mail at

    The history of the Gyro goes back 100 years. In the early years of the 20th century, Herman Anschütz-Kaempfe was working actively to develop the gyrocompass. He was planning a scientific expedition to the north pole, and he needed a compass that pointed to the true north rather than the magnetic north. His expedition would take place in a submarine, and the magnetic compass which was the option at the time would be disturbed by the metallic construction.

    Anschütz had fashioned a working gyro in 1903, patented it in 1903, and in 1907 he had a working gyrocompass suited for commercial vessels. The gyro had one gyro rotor, but to make up for roll error at rough seas, a gyro was three rotors was introduced in 1910.

    Later in 1925 the Anschutz Standard Gyro compass was designed from a complete re-manufacturing of the previous models. The Standard Gyro was developed with Einstein who became in the development of the gyro from having acted as an expert in the patent court case between Anschütz and the American entrepreneur, Elmer Ambrose Sperry.

    And just as Einstein and Anschütz back in their days were working on this new technology in Kiel, the innovation of the first Anschütz Standard Gyro Compass continues in Raytheon-Anschütz which is still based in Kiel and which still designs innovative solutions for the maritime industry.

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