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Monitoring and control of dock immersion system

Complete Monitoring And Control Of Dock Immersion System guarantee safe and efficient operation of the whole dock. The entire system consists of the following subsystems:

  • Tanks sounding system
  • Pumps and valves control system
  • Dock deflection arrow measurement system
  • Strain and stress dock measurement system

Individual subsystems consist of a series of measurement and control devices. All information from measuring and control elements are collected by the PLC and displayed on the operator panel in a form of a simple visualization. From the visualization, the operator can remotely monitor the state of the water measureing in the tanks and all executive devices, such as pumps or valves. Due to the safe and trouble-free operation during docking vessel the dock is equipped with a system measuring the deflection arrow and measuring dock strain and stress. The system is equipped with optical and acoustic signaling which informs the crew about the state of emergency of the dock during work.

We specialize in design and construction of new complete systems as well as repairs and adaptations of existing systems.

Block diagram of monitoring and control of dock immersion system: