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Marine Automation

Perfection can pride itself with being one of the leading suppliers of marine electrical and control automation engineering in the Baltic Sea area. 


We provide a broad range of services and products that enables full control of your vessel with efficiency as a core value.

Availability is present in every port in the Baltic Sea area

Skill and cooperation's team of marine automation engineers have expert knowledge of leading manufacturers including Nord Control, Lyngso Marine, Moland, Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi Kakoki, Westfal. provides a series of products for the entirity of the marine industry including stationed platforms, cruise vessels, cargo vessels, supply vessels, bulkers. Each project is treated individually and is approached with a starting point of standard and approved hardware. From there a custom solution is tailored which is implemented by our award-winning team of the foremost automation engineers. The result is efficiency, reliability, and a high level of safety.


At we have high expertise in the field of designing and optimizing the bridge layout of integrated control systems. When several suppliers provide repair work or retrofits of old systems, the "too many chefs" principle applies and results in a seemingly random design of the electronic bridge. This brings an element of lack of overview, and therefore an element of low safety. co-operates with the leading manufacturers of electric bridge manufacturers and can be of service for bridge redesigning and reconstruction of the electric bridge no matter which manufacturer is applied.


With 20 years of experience - including more than 10.000 installations -, offers world wide service through network, extensive spare parts availability, high efficiency of service coordination. We engage the most skilled engineers in the Baltic Sea in our Automation Division. Our engineers are fully certified and as a team represents every discipline of marine engineering: Marine Engineers, Electricians, Pipe Burners, and Welders. Our expertise therefore spans a broad line of competences: From Electrical Propulsion for Ships, Electrical Propulsion Systems, and HVAC automation to the customization for effective ship management. 




We fulfill the requirements of the leading classification societies:




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Integrated Automation Systems

Engine Room Monitoring and Alarm Systems

HVAC Air Conditioning & Engine Room Ventilation Control System 
and Damage Control System DCS

Bulk Carrier Discharging Control System

Watertight Sliding Doors Control System

Emergency Shutdown System ESD

Tanks Sounding System

Ballast System

Boiler Control System

Control System for Steering Gear and Thrusters

Crane Control System

Main engine and auxiliary engine safety system

Refrigerated cargo system

Anchor and mooring winch control system

Fuel purification process control system

Energy Measuring System

Engine telegraph system

Main engine LT/HT cooling system

Water level detection system for general cargo vessels system

Main and emergency switchboards

Monitoring and control of dock immersion system