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Main engine LT/HT cooling system

Engines designed to be used on ships are exposed to working in severe conditions and that is why they require adequate cooling systems. Main engine cooling systems are based on two water circuits.

  • LT (Low temperature) Fresh water is used to cool the main engine.
  • HT (High temperature) Sea water is used to cool water in the LT circuit.

The control system consists of the pumps and valves units. System is based on data received from specialized temperature sensors. Data is collected and analyzed by PLC. Appropriate temperature controllers are located in the PLC. The PLC activates proper pumps and valves in order to maintain the desired temperature. All system parameters are shown in the visualization operator station, which enables remote control as well as monitoring system components and all the necessary parameters of the system.

We specialize in design and construction of new complete systems as well as repairs and adaptations of existing systems.


Block diagram of main engine LT/HT cooling system.