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Main engine and auxiliary engine safety system

Safety system (to secure main and auxiliary engines) are designed as independent systems collecting the necessary parameters (information) needed to control their correct operation, such as:

Automatic stop by cutting off fuel injection.
Emergency engine stop after using the EMERGENCY STOP.
Automatic load reduction by reducing pitch propeller or speed.
Emergency engine operation after pressing the EMERGENCY OPERATION, eg. in order to avoid collisions.

Our safety systems control all the parameters in accordance with the guidelines of engine manufacturers.

Those include:

Exceeding the speed.
Main bearings and thrust bearing low oil pressure.
High temperature of bearings.
Camshaft low oil pressure.
Charge-air high temperature.
The occurrence of oil mist in oil samp.
Coolant high temperature.
Low in pressure differential between the inlet and outlet of cooling water.
High temperature fo exhaust gases.