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JRC NTF-49B Transceiver for JUE-75C Inmarsat C

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    Back in the days, JRC developed the intelligent transceiver unit NTF-49B with all of the experience gained in navigation technology.

    The pedestal and its electronics is carefully designed. It always leads your way.

    The NTF-49B transceiver unit is based on modern hardware and nice infrastructure.

    Navigators, ship operators and other personel will benefit due to vast reliability of NTF-49 B.

    Its great sensitivity can detect small motions in sea or in the sky.

    The transceiver connects all over the world. The information is provided in written information.

    The network coordination system (NCS) keeps track of all transceivers giving high constancy even at high performance level.

    It is manufactured with a state of art for serving you in a tremendous manner. Thanks to its nice performance/cost ratio, it was a great choice when it was developed.


    In short, this unit provides a comprehensive solution for all of the complications a user may have to face.


    Today the JUE-75C is discontinued, but we still have both new and reconditioned spares from the system on stock.

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    Additional Info

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