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JRC NKG-800 Printer for JUE-75C Inmarsat C

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    This is the original printer for the JUE-75C Inmarsat c system by JRC.

    It is adding the remarkable advantages for ship owners.

    It has a 3.5 inches floppy disk that is of two mode (2HD and 2DD) that prints all of the received, transmitted or edited messages via radar.

    The NKG-800 printer unit is present on an Internally Mounted Equipment (IME) or Data Terminal Equipment (DTE).

    The given printer type is approved by Inmarsat-C system.

    On the right side of unit, you can see a POWER switch and ONLINE switch is located at its top. POWER switch can be used for turning the power supply ON or OFF.

    The lamp lights up in the ON state of the POWER switch. The ONLINE lamp lights up when paper is set correctly.

    All other switches (NLQ, LF, FF, and P.PARK) are not used.

    When both the lamps are on,the printer can be used for printing a message.

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    Additional Info

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