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JRC NCE-6255A External Buzzer

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    The buzzer is introduced to become aware of messages received from other ships.

    An audible alarm is generated by a buzzer box present in Inmarsat C-system to inform bridge or other places.

    There is an LED connected to the External buzzer (EXT BUZZ).This LED glows on message reception.

    The optional switch box (OSB) is also essential whenever you connect the EXT BUZZ to the JUE-75C inmarsat c system.

    To turn off the sounding buzzer, there is a BUZZ off switch.

    You can adjust the loudness level of EXT BUZZ by a volume knob present on unit EXT BUZZ NCE-6255A.

    The lamp’s brightness can also be controlled by a dimmer.

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

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    Brand JRC
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