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JRC NBD-577A External Power Supply Unit

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    This is the NBD-577A AC/DC switching power supply and usually both AC and DC sources are connected to power supply

    EXT PSU (External power supply) unit is designed especially for supplying DC+24V to printer, DTE and IME-EME from the ship’s main power source (DC +24V and/or AC 100/120/220V).

    The external power supply provides single-phase supply with 50/60 Hz of frequency.

    If an interruption (like up or down voltage) or failure of ship’s main power source (AC) occurs then it automatically switches from AC source to DC source.

    The supply charges a network of pulses in a sequence of the charging pulses of high frequency.

    The NBD-577A external power supply unit from JRC is on stock.

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    Additional Info

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