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Integrated Automation System IAS

The integrated automation system IAS integrates the functions of control, monitoring and alarming of all automation systems on the ship.

The structure of the system is distributed, it consists of several substations communicated with each other via a redundant, fast and reliable communication protocol. Distributed system structure minimizes cabling to a minimum. provides the opportunity to develop a system both for newly built vessels as well as a retro-fits of old systems. We also provide service and maintenance of existing systems.


The integrated automation system IAS integrates the functions of the following systems:

  1. Engine room alarm and monitoring system
  2. Ballast system
  3. Tanks sounding system
  4. Fuel control system
  5. Controlling all valves
  6. Electrical energy flow and distribution control
  7. Protocol communication with:
  • PMS system
  • VDR system
  • Main engine control systems
  • Auxiliary engines control system
  • Thrusters control system
  • Pumps and fans inverters


  1. Ability to develop a system as a new system or as a retrofit of old system
  2. The flexible structure - any configuration adapted to requirements
  3. Friendly operator interfaces
  4. Fast, redundant and reliable data flow between stations and system interfaces