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HVAC air conditioning & engine room ventilation control system and Damage Control System DCS

HVAC control system, engine room ventilation and DCS most often are distributed as a single integrated system.

The purpose of the HVAC system is to control air parameters such as air temperature (cooling, warming), humidity, pressure and exhaust air heat recovery. Engine room ventilation system ensures proper air parameters in engine room to ensure proper operation of running engines and other devices located in engine room.

The purpose of the Damage Control System DCS is to protect air circulation channels in a particular section of a hull of a vessel in dangerous situations. In case of unsealed hull or fire burst, system is designed to cut off (hermetize) that section where the accident happened.

System features include:

  • Decentralized control system reducesing the amount of wiring.
  • Ability to operate the system in several locations of the vessel (eg. bridge or ECR )
  • Fast , reliable data flow between substations.
  • Intuitive user interfaces ( HMI and SCADA )
  • Flexible control structure adapted to the needs.
  • Fully automated control mode of the engine room ventilation and HVAC system.
  • Optimization of heat recovery in HVAC air conditioning system.
  • Energy optimization of running engine room ventilation - ventilation depends on the demanded engine room temperature, pressure and the amount of running engines.
  • Possibility of manual mode operation. provides the opportunity to develop a system both for newly built vessels as well as a retro-fits of old systems . We also provide service and maintenance of existing systems.