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Furuno RU-1803 Transformer Unit

Furuno RU-1803 Transformer Unit

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    A transformer is a device that steps up or down voltage to match the voltage requirement of an equipment or system.

    Supplying equipment with voltage exceeding its rated voltage causes damage to the equipment hence the need to reduce supply voltage to meet the equipment rated voltage A step down transformer reduces voltage while a step up transformer increases voltage.

    Transformer Unit RU-1803 is a single phase step down transformer. It supplies stepped down voltage to the Processor Unit RPU-013 and the Monitor Unit. It is used as an alternative power supply to the standard power supply required of 24V for the Processor Unit and the Monitor Unit. RU-1803 has an operating frequency ranging between 50Hz and 60Hz.

    For an Alternating Current (AC) power supply the Transformer Unit RU-1803 in the Furuno Marine Radar System steps down (decrease) 440V Alternating Current to 100V Alternating current for the processor unit RPU-013.

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    Additional Info

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