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Furuno RPU-013 Processor Unit

Furuno RPU-013 Processor Unit

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    The RPU-013 is the Furuno marine radar system’s processor unit.

    It is the ‘heart’ of the marine radar system responsible for processing and synchronization of radar signals. Some of the functions of a radar processor unit include acquisition and digitization of radar signals, remote acquisition and processing of data and target detection and tracking.

    The processor unit receives radar signals from the two radar antenna units; S-band and X-band, through the transceiver units RTR-081 and RTR-082.

    The Processor unit also receives other inputs from units such as Track Control Unit, Gyrocompass, Navigator, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Speed log and Memory Card Interface unit for processing. Switching HUB-100 provides port connection for up to 7 processor units. Therefore several radar processor units can be linked together through switching.

    In addition the Processor unit is interfaced with Control Unit which can either be a keyboard RCU-014 or a track ball RCU-015 to directly input data and for control purposes. The Monitor Unit displays processor output to the user. Other output devices such as alarm, Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) and external monitor are also connected to RPU-013.

    The RPU-013 requires either 24V direct current (DC) or 100V alternating current (AC) and has an output power of 25kW.

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    Additional Info

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