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Furuno RCU-016 Remote Control Unit

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    RCU-016 can be installed as an additional control unit to allow for remote operation.

    Remote control allows flexibility in operation of the marine radar system.

    The operator can perform operations a distance away from the system.

    Remote control unit RCU-016 can be connected in series with either full keyboard RCU-014 or palm control RCU-014.

    The Remote Control Unit RCU just like the track ball unit has lacks the analog EBL and VRM rotary controls and other push keys. It has a power button, dedicated menu keys and trackball module Power button turns on and off the unit, dedicated function keys are used to perform menu shortcuts while track ball moves the cursor while the menu selector is used to choose menu items.

    The menu selector consists of right and left buttons and a wheel for easy navigation.

    For full control the keyboard is used.

    Using track ball and the menu selector, the user can perform control operations just as with the full keyboard control unit RCU-014.

    This includes adjusting the EBL and VRM rotary controls, silencing audible alarms, change from transmission to standby mode, adjust brilliance of display, choose radar range, open main menu, display target data and cancel target tracking, adjust receiver sensitivity among others

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    Additional Info

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