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Furuno PSU-007 Power Supply Unit

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    PSU-007 power supply supplies power to FAR-2137S Radar systems.

    The power supply unit can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position in an enclosed space because it does not include the normal controls for operation.

    It does not require user operation; therefore it can be installed in the console. PSU-007 can be installed anywhere but the space should well ventilated to allow for cooling and dry to ensure that the power supply unit is protected from moisture.

    It is important that the power supply unit is installed at a safe distance away from the compass to prevent deviation of magnetic compass. For a standard compass the safe distance is 0.85 metres while for steering compass the safe distance is 0.55 metres.

    PSU-007 supplies an alternating voltage of between110 to115VAC and a current of 3 Amperes or an alternating voltage of between 220-230VAC and a current of 1.5 Amperes to the processor unit. It also supplies the antenna unit with 200/220VAC and a current of 3.0A or 380/440VAC and a current of 1.5 Amperes.

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    Additional Info

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