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Furuno Performance Monitor PM51

Furuno Performance Monitor PM51

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    The Furuno marine radar system consists of two Antenna units that are exposed to the weather. Each of the antenna units consists of in-built Performance Units; PM-51 and PM-31.

    The PM-51 antenna unit is an S-band radar antenna. The S-band radar frequency utilizes short waves within the frequency range of 2 GHz to 4GHz. This band is designed for two way communication and is used in areas which require accurate and almost instantaneous response such as in the marine. The band is very powerful and flexible and may be used for issuing distress signals and for delivering data as it is received.

    The PM-51antenna unit operates in S-band and has a peak power of 30kW and a rotation speed of 45rpm. Unlike X-band, S-band is unaffected by adverse weather conditions. PM-51 which operates in the S-band ensures target detection in adverse weather where the X-band is highly affected.

    Signal data received from the Performance Monitor PM-51 is transmitted to transceiver unit RTR-082 through a waveguide or a coaxial cable and then fed to the Processor Unit, RPU-013.


    Furuno FAR radar diagram

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