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Furuno MU-201CE Monitor Unit

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    The Monitor Unit MU-201 CE is designed for both main and remote display. The monitor unit is connected to the processor unit and displays output to the user. It serves several purposes and has the ability to synchronize data from various input devices connected to it for example the keyboard RCU-014 and palm control RCU-015. CU-231CE allows for connection with different types of equipment; it consists of Digital Video Interface (DVI), RGB inputs and NTSC video standards.MU-201CE has a 20.1 inch LCD screen with high resolution.

    The monitor unit’s employs raster graphics or raster scan technology in which an electron beam is swept across the screen one at a time starting from top to bottom. As the electron beam moves across the screen the beam intensity is turned on and off and the result is a pattern of illuminated spots.

    Monitor Unit Mu-201CE has a wide range of screen brightness settings and provides optimal display for viewing depending lighting conditions. It also provides brilliant display even when viewed at an angle due to its wide viewing angle of 170 degrees. Additionally its screen is filtered with antireflective glass coating to reduce glare.

    The monitor unit operation panel comprises of a number keys; lock, menu, enter, input, power and keys for increasing and decreasing display brilliance. LED on the Monitor Unit’s panel lights when the unit is powered on.

    When the Monitor Unit is connected to the radar system the keys on its panel function under lock condition and require simultaneous pressing of the lock key and respective key to unlock.

    Other Monitor Units that can be connected to this system are MU-190 and MU-231. These display units are multi-purpose, highly reliable with colour monitors and several interface capabilities. The only difference being the size of their display units; MU-190 Monitor Unit has a 19 inch colour monitor while MU-230 has a 23.1 inch colour monitor.

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    Additional Info

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