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Furuno Inmarsat-C IC-115 Antenna Unit for Felcom 15: new or reconditioned

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We have full set of Felcom 15 including message terminal IC-215 and all alarm and junction boxes.

All Felcom 15 reconditoned parts are tested & under warranty

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    IC 115 easily connects to your FELCOM 15.

    If you are in severe conditions like near an iceberg, racing through fog on offshore or at night, you will be glad to hear that it is built for working under exposed hard conditions. It helps in detecting small, fast and moving objects. Therefore, FELCOM 15 is the best for using in commercial vessels and pleasure crafts.

    It is creating competitive advantages for the FELCOM 15. It provides feature of indication for input power supply. ‘OK’ indicates continues power supply while ‘NG’ indicates no power and generates an error message indicating antenna power voltage abnormality. You can see even up to bow of your boat. We believe that its unique features make the radar the best choice for you. Antenna is of Daisy type and provides the omnidirectional feature.

    The antenna axial ratio is within 6dB (5˚ to 90˚). It is a high quality-broadcasting antenna, detecting the boats nearby even when the ship is docked. 

    Its altitude indicates sea-level. The range is precise and helps in collecting accurate information of the target. Its small size, simplicity and convenient installation make it distinctive.

    The smooth antenna provides more security and third person cannot easily intercept information. As it focus the gain on communicating devices so there ranges are increased. Your solutions come to life in any of most needed environment.

    We can organise service on Furuno equipment including APT on Furuno VR-3000 / VR-5000 world wide performed by engineers certified by Furuno

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