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Furuno IC-315 Junction Box

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    A junction box is an enclosure that provides reliable protection of a connection.

    A junction box makes it easy to trace and access a connection.

    IC-315 is a junction box that is connected to the D-sub connector of the Terminal Unit IC-215 using the cable assy 16S0344.

    The junction box should be installed two meters from the terminal unit and therefore cable length should be at least two meters long.

    The junction box is used to connect the Ship Security Alert System(SSAS) Alert Unit IC-307 and other units such Distress Alert/Received Call Unit IC-305, Distress Message Controller (DMC-5), Navigator, Alarm Unit IC-306 to the terminal unit.

    t least two and a maximum of three SSAS Alert Units need to be connected to the terminal unit via the IC-315.

    A maximum of four connections can be made to IC-315 junction box. When inserting cable to the junction box IC-315, care should be taken to prevent damage to the cable sheath. At the same time, the cable should be connected tight enough to prevent disconnection and ensure reliable connection.

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    Additional Info

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