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Furuno IC-215 Terminal Unit for Felcom 15

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We are the largest supplier of Furuno reconditioned equipment.

On our stocks we have most of the obsolate to Furuno navigation & GMDSS equipment.

Our Felcom 15 IC-215 message terminal is tested before the shipment.

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  • Description


    The terminal unit is the central part of the system and coordinates the creation, transmission and reception of messages. It is the heart of the Felcom system.

    The IC-215 Terminal Unit features a Distress button, Power switch and a Floppy disk drive.

    The power switch is used to power or turn off the terminal unit itself and other peripheral units such as Antenna unit, Distress Alert/Received Call Unit and Alarm Unit.

    The Distress button is used to transmit distress messages in case of emergency situations on the ship.

    he Floppy disk drive provides for the option of storage of transmitted and received messages on floppy disks.

    lso there is the Alarm Unit which releases audio and visual alarms.

    For a ship under attack, these alarms emitted are undetectable by the attackers while in the receiving stations the alarms are meant to be perceived and are therefore be both audible and visible.
    The terminal unit can be connected to a keyboard.

    To adjust the light of the screen keyboard shortcuts are used.

    he function keys for example are used for selection of menu items displayed on the terminal unit’s screen.

    The terminal unit is self-diagnostic, when powered on automatically checks itself for proper performance.

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    Additional Info

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