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Furuno DMC-5 Distress Message Controller

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    Distress Message Controller DMC-5 provides centralized control of all equipment involved in initiating a distress call. This is important because in the event of an emergency occurs, an operator needs not activate each equipment separately to make a distress a call.

    When the distress button is pressed DMC-5 activates all FURUNO DSC terminals and Inmarsat-C MES.

    The DMC-5 receives processes and transmits distress messages and it is always in standby mode to process these messages as they occur.

    The DSC messages for transmission may include the type of distress being experienced. After the distress message is received an acknowledgement message is sent also through DMC-5.

    The DMC-5 combines GMDSS functions by monitoring Medium Frequency, High Frequency or Very High Frequency DSC channels as well as Enhanced Group Call (EGC) and 2182 kHz watch receiver.

    The DMC-5 emits aural and visual alarms when a distress call is received by a receiving device interfaced with this controller. In addition DMC-5 allows up to 50 received distress messages to be stored in its inbuilt memory. 

    Manual entry on DSC terminals is possible using the DMC-5 that is; one can manually enter position of ship, date and time and make command selection from the DMC-5.

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    Additional Info

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