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Furuno CU-200 Memory Card Interface Unit

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    A memory card interface enables the a system communicate with a memory card (RAM)

    Memory card interface CU-200 is a remote card reader compatible with Furuno Marine Radar System.

    CU-200 is needed to record and replay data. The card interface unit consists of two card slots. One of the slots is used for reading data from the chart card while the second slot is used for reading and writing data to and from a memory card (RAM). Up to two units can be connected at a time providing a total of four card slots for use at any particular time.

    The Memory Card Interface Unit, CU-200 can be connected directly to the processor unit, RPU-013 using an Ethernet cross-connect cable or connected to the Switching Hub HUB-200 using a straight-through Ethernet patch cable.

    Memory cards have to be initialized or formatted before recording and this means that all information initially held in the card in is erased; this is done using an easy to follow card menu. From the card menu user can also record data in the memory and replay it later on the screen. This is especially useful for analyzing past data.

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    Additional Info

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