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Furuno 12 Message terminal IB - 581

Furuno 12 Message terminal IB - 581

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    Furuno 12 Message terminal IB-581 is a communication module for radiotelephones. The module uses Narrow Band Direct Printing Communication which is activated by DSC. It is available in both Russian and English language

    NBDP terminal unit is required for NBDP-ARQ and NBDP-FEC. It can control radio equipment through channel scanning. In the FEC mode, the radio equipment scans a number of channels (according to your selection), stopping when a synchronous code is found. In the ARQ mode it stops when your own ID code is detected in an incoming signal. Also, in the ARQ mode, the transmitter is then tuned to the corresponding transmitter frequency, the communication link is established and the traffic is automatically exchanged. Scanning resumes once the link is disconnected.

    After acknowledging an individual call, do the following to communicate by NBDP terminal unit. The message from the other party appears on your NBDP terminal unit.


    • Low cost, easy installation and service
    • Flexibility of choice and performance
    • Wide range of functions
    • Variety of configurations
    • Full type-approval
    • 24/7 worldwide support
    • Terminal Unit IB-581 is compatible with IBM-PC/AT CPU: i386SX, 40 MHz
    • It is equipped with a 9.5” monochrome LCD
    • Message: 72 characters/line, 25 lines/screen
    • Power Supply: 24 VDC, 18 W max.
    • Can be replaced with a Personal computer.

    Technical Features:



    Furuno message terminal

    IB - 581


    ITU Compliant



    9.5” monochrome LCD

    Compatible with

    IBM-PC/AT CPU: i386SX, 40 MHz


    72 characters/line, 25 lines/screen

    Power Input

    24 VDC, 18 W max.

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    Additional Info

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