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Fuel purification process control system

Today’s requirements for fuel quality require the use of specialized equipment used to improve its performance. The main reason for the low quality of fuel is a violation of manufacturing technology, transport and storage of fuel. Fuel contamination with tar compounds, water and above all solid impurities is troublesome problem.

Fuel and oil purification process in purifiers is based on the phenomenon of sedimentation (the process of falling slurry solidsin the liquidas a result of the force of gravity) effect which is, however repeatedly improved by influence by pollution particles centrifugal forces generated by rotating discs. As a result of high speed rotation discs on which purifying liquid is poured. pollution particles fall on the inner wall of rotating cylinder 

We specialize in providing power and control systems of fuel purification from manufacturers such as:

Mitsubishi Kakokikaish











Technological scheme of fuel purifier

Operator panel.


The main topology of light fuel purification system.