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Fleet BroadBand 250 antenna Sailor / Thrane - Thrane TT-3050A

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We have the largest stock of reconditioned Sailor / Thrane - Thrane equipment in Europe.

All reconditioned equipment or spares are tested before the shipment and we provide 3 months warranty.

For urgent inquires about Sailor / Thrane - Thrane reconditioned equipment please contact us on telephone +(370) 606 262 66 or +(45) 2670 9431. 

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    Sailor / Thrane-Thrane Fleet BroadBand 250 antenna, type  Sailor / Thrane - Thrane TT-3050A: reconditioned for an attractive price.

    The antenna is robust and compact and provides great power for content connectivity.

    The FBB 250 antenna TT-3050A fulfills easily all your demands:

    • E-mail and general internet browsing, VPN possible.

    • Voice and data usage at the same time.

    • Quality connectivity.

    The Fleet BroadBand 250 antenna type Sailor / Thrane - Thrane TT-3050A , which by some of our customers is referred to as the FBB 250 transceiver, will provide an enviroment of welfare on board. Crew welfare improves productivity and is regarded important by most shipowners.

    Furthermore the antenna enables real time tracking of voyage related data, such as engine and position data, on a reliable connection.

    Physically the FBB 250 antenna is almost the same size as the FBB 150 but carries twice as much data.

    We can offer attractive price for both reconditioned and new antenna type TT-3050C from Sailor / Thrane-Thrane

     Flexible Solutions

    Whether you need the antenna for a limited ammount of time or are looking to purchase one for many years, our solutions are extremely flexible for any need. Our world wide net work provides great support in case of technical errors, and if the faulty unit cannot be repaired by an engineer locally, we are able to immediately send a working unit. 

    Furthermore, for the customers who want to purchase the FBB 250 antenna type TT-3050A from Sailor / Thrane-Thrane , we are able to supply both new antennas, and/or reconditioned antennas, for those that are looking for a cost friendly solution. When requesting a price, please indicate which solution you are inquiring about.

    The reconditioned units are original, they are tested by a certified Sailor / Thrane - Thrane engineer, and they come with warranty of 3 months.

    We are furthermore able to supply extra handsets. The handsets can easily be connected with the FB250 thus creating a high quality SATCOM multistation. 

     Installation of the antenna is simple, and it provides an excellent connection for data- and voice communication for any vessel. 

     Weight: 5 kgs

     Our engineers are qualified for service or installation of FleetBroadband 250 . We are the largest supplier of reconditioned GMDSS equipment from Sailor / Thrane - Thrane in Europe with own stocks in Denmark, Poland & Lithuania: delivery time within Europe: 24 hours.


    Additional Info

    Additional Info

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    Brand Thrane-Thrane/Sailor/Cobham
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