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Fleet Broadband 500 Antenna TT-3052 from Sailor/Thrane-Thrane: all versions on stock

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We are the largest suplier of reconditioned spares for Fleet Broadband from Sailor / Thrane-Thrane.

We have all 3 versions of antenna for Fleet Broadband 500 on stock: versions A, B or C.

For urgent deliveries of TT-3025 antenna for Fleet Broadband 500 please contact us un telephones +(370)  606 262 66 or +(45) 2670 9431

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    SAILOR FBB 500 Antenna TT-3052A, TT-3052B or TT-3052C: new or reconditioned.

    The SAILOR / Thrane-Thrane Fleetbroadband 500 Antenna, TT-3052, all 3 versions TT-3052A, TT-3052B and TT-3052C provides an perfect solution to the demands of shipowners with extensive bandwidth needs. It is compact in size and weight but will take care of voice and data communication needs with ease. It will provide a great antenna for applications such as broadband internet/intranet, e-mail applications, VOIP, VPN, and nice voice lines.

    The antenna is the go-to solution for both transmission of voyage related data such as weather data, charts, route planning, ECDIS, notice to crew and office, updates and news, port regulations, cargo management, and it can enable Internet and voice communication to the crew for increased crew welfare and crew effectiveness.

    The SAILOR FBB 500, which is also at times by our customers referred to as the Fleetbroadband FBB 500 terminal, provides to solution for a similar experience as on shore. Off shore increasing demands of data usage urges increasing data capabilities. Recently the Danish shipping company, Maersk, has reported that it downloads 2 gigabytes of data every day from its triple-e vessels.


    IP Handets on Local Exhange

    The SAILOR Fleetbroadband FBB500 Antenna can support up to 16 local IP handsats and 2 stationaries. This features enables on-/off shore communication through the antenna, and the vessel doesn't have to consider the requirement for the extra PABX phone.

    The antenna is designed to enable a dependable operational solution even in harsh weathers. It is a completely stabilized 3-axe antenna with rate sensors for optimal connectivity and a state of the art, smart sattellite tracking. SAILOR/Cobham is a quality manufacturer and the FBB 500 antenna is of the upmost top of the solutions on the market for marine broadband solutions.


    Our solutions are extremely flexible for your needs. We provide both purchased or rented solutions, meaning if you are sure that you need the antenna for a limited time, you can opt to rent.

    Rent of FBB500

    This solution is enjoyed by many customers, and we provide excellent support for you and your vessel. If the antenna has a technical error, we are able to send a service engineer or send a new antenna. It does not matter where your vessel is. We will coordinate with you, and we can plan to perform service in one of the next ports of the vessel's voyage.

    Purchase of FBB500

    If you are interested in purchasing an FBB500 antenna, we are flexible according to your needs. Depending on your budget, we can supply new and/or reconditioned antennas. The reconditioned are tested by our Sailor / Thrane - Thrane  certified engineer, and comes with limited warranty. Our new antennas come of course with full warranty. Our reconditioned solutions are great for vessel owners interested in a cost friendly solution. 

    Installation and Usage

    The Inmarsat Fleet Broad Band best practices manual is a great read for both new buyers and FBB owners of a long time.

    We are available for installation as well. Our engineers are qualified and certified for service or installation of FleetBroadband 500 including antennas TT-3052A, TT-3052B and TT-3052C.

    Please contact us for any questions of VSAT equipment. 

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    Additional Info

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