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Engine room monitoring and alarm system

Our monitoring and alarm systems meet the extended safety reliability requirements. The modular design allows for flexible system configurations depending on the individual needs of the system, from simple systems to a very complex monitoring. The main part is modern PLC controller, whose main function is measureing data collection and processing in real time as well as visualizing all values through user-friendly interfaces.

In addition, all recorded data can be collected, archived, and ordered in the form of various reports. Such data is stored on your hard disk for several months, which is very helpful in detecting failure of any of the systems.


HMI systems (process visualization) play a very important role as it enables efficient and safe operation of the system which helps the operator to make optimal decisions and reduce the risk of human error. In designing the HMI we focus on logical operations, effective presentation of relevant information as well as userfriendly interface.

Examples of visualization monitoring system:

Block diagram of the monitoring system with Unattended Machinery Space function: