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Energy Measuring System

The functioning of the ship’s power system is essential for safety and efficient operation of the whole ship. This is the reason why the system parameters are being monitored, based on continuous conduct measuring and diagnostic supplies. The purpose of the measuring is not only to ensure safety and effective functioning, but also optimization of operational strategies while minimizing electricity production cost.

Our system is equipped with Electronic Multi-Measuring Instrument, which is able to measure:

  • Voltage
  • Currnet.
  • Active power.
  • Reactive power.
  • Apparent power.
  • Frequency.
  • Electric Energy.
  • Actual Operating Time.
  • Currnet Distorions curves.
  • Voltage Distorions curves.

Our system performs real-time measuring with the ability to backup data to removable media. The measuring results can be processed and examined in terms of economic (production and use), and power quality. The system is also equipped with optical and acoustic signaling which informs the crew about failures of the power system. 

We specialize in design and construction of new complete systems as well as repairs and adaptations of existing systems.


Block diagram of energy measuring system.