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ECDIS 24 - Raytheon-Anschutz

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    Vessel owners are required to fulfill the SOLAS regulations of carrying one or two ECDIS onboard. As an owner, you know the importance of professionalism and quality in such circumstances. Raytheon-Anschutz knows it as well, and the ECDIS 24 is designed especially for a painless retrofit need.

    It is for a reason that Raytheon Anschutz has given this ECDIS the slogan: “Make your ECDIS Refit A Success.”

    The ECDIS comes in five different colors and works with both ENC, C-map, and BA-ARCS chart standards. The displary can be easily operated and includes user friendly interface design and several custom features. Inspiration for the user interface comes from the window structure of Microsoft Windows, making it easy for any new users to adapt.

    Several features such as estimated ETA at waypoints and auto route planning make it useful for both navigators and for operators. Costs can be estimated and reduced through the automatic route planning and can come in real handy for operators in estimating work- and overtime for the crew and office staff and for saving on fuel costs by optimizing routes and combining them with weather overlay. Furthermore can necessary planning be done in terms of port and engineer visits.

    The many features will make operation of the ECDIS pleasant and effort-less. The AIS and ARPA target integrations will further enhance the usability.

    IMO regulations also require navigators to be sufficiently trained in operating the ECDIS system on board. For this, Raytheon-Anschütz offers both several maritime training centers around the world along with an extensive, approved, online ECDIS training course.

    If you are looking to a successful retrofit of your ECDIS system, the ECDIS 24 is recommended. Raytheon-Anschutz could already in 2013 announce that the system would be installed on NOR Shippings vessels, and since then, shipowners have eyed the advantages of opting for the ECDIS system.

    The ECDIS 24 system consists of a 24 inch monitor panel, a track ball, and an interface box. Please see the technical specifications of these units below:

    The Panel-PC (Monitor):

    • Its dimensions: 593 in width, 384 in height, 76,4 in depth (mm)
    • It weighs approximately 12 kg
    • Power Supply: 115 / 230 V AC & 24 V DC / 50W typ., maximum 150W for maximum brightness
    • The magnetic safe distance is 1,15m/0,7m
    • Type of enclosure acc. To IEC/EN 60529: IP22 / IP66 front sided
    • Interface: 2x LAN, 4x USB, 2x PS/2

    The trackball:

    • Its dimensions: 100 in width, 116 in height, 50 in depth (mm)
    • It weighs around 0,6kg
    • For power it is connected via a USB-cable to the Panel PC
    • Magnetic safe distance: 0,45m
    • Type of enclosure acc. To IEC/EN 60529: IP68 front sided
    • Interface: US

    The Interface Box

    • Its dimensions: 360 in width, 52 in height, 247 in depth (mm)
    • It weighs 1,7kg
    • Power Supply: 9 to 36V DC / 2W
    • Magnetic Safe Distance: 0,4m
    • Type of enclosure acc. To IEC/EN 60529: IP54
    • Interface: 1x LAN, 8x in/out acc. IEC1162-1, 2x RS232 selectable


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