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Control system for steering gear and thrusters

Due to bow or stern thruster the vessels maneuverability at low speed and even on the stationary units could be greatly increases.

Bow thrusters make docking easier, since they allow the captain to turn the vessel to port or starboard side without using the main propulsion mechanism, which requires some forward motion for turning.

Rudder, rotating about an axis (vertical or near-vertical) disturbs the symmetry of water bypassing the moving ship stern generating a force turning ship stern a direction opposite to the deflection fins, which changes the course of the ship.

The rudder control systems and thrusters are built using modern PLCs that provide total control over the layout, and a very high dynamics of action. The whole can also be integrated with the SCADA, which allow you to preview of the most important parameters of the system.

We specialize in design and construction of new complete systems, as well as repairs and adaptations of existing systems.