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How to use the shop

Buying things online is quick and simple; however, if you have not done so before it can be an intimating process. This guide will attempt to clear up any questions you may have about the process. If you are still confused after following the guide please feel free to contact us.

The first thing you need to do is add a product(s) to your cart. Much like in a real store your cart is where everything you want is stored until you check out. Navigate through-out site until you located an item you want. Near the bottom of the page is an add to cart button. Above this there may be drop down boxes with options. Make sure you choose the proper selections in these boxes, then press the add to cart feature. If you have more items you wish to buy, go add them to your cart now.

Viewing your cart is easy in real life, online it is simple as well. At the top right of your screen there is an area that says Cart (0) €0.00. The number in parentheses and the total will change depending on your purchases. Hovering on this spot will show you the most recent additions to your cart. Clicking here will show you everything you have added to your cart plus details about it.

Inside your shopping cart you can see many details of your purchases. Firstly is the image and product description. Next is the edit button, this allows you to change the type, or other details of the product, you have chosen. The price shows up next followed by the qty (quantity). This number can be changed at any time, be sure to press the update cart button after adjusting any quantities. Lastly is an X this allows you to remove an item from your cart.

Once your cart has everything you want in it scroll down. Here you will see the estimated shipping and tax form. This is entirely optional. By filling out this area you can figure out your shipping and tax costs before hand to ensure you are getting the best deal. To the right is the discount code box. This is also an optional item. In this area you can enter code words or numbers found in our promotional events. These codes can offer money off, reduced shipping or even free shipping.

Once you have entered any discount codes you have, and estimated your shipping, if you wish, it is time to finish checking out. Click the proceed with check out button. This sends you to a registration page. If you have registered with us previously please enter your log in information. If you are new to the site fill out the informational side for new customers. The lines with a red asterisk (*) must be filled out. This allows us to contact you in the event of an issue with your order, as well as to collect payment and send you your item. All information collected is used in direct relation with our daily operations and promotions. We will never sell or trade your information to another party. Once you have input all of your information click on the continue button.

This section shows your shipping method and rate. This is usually flat rate; however, if there are options available you can choose which one you prefer here. After you have made your selection press continue again.

This is the payment section. Papal and bank-transfers are the two options currently offered. Simply choose the one you prefer. Papal will require your email and log in information for their site. A bank transfer will require your banking information. Press continue again after making your selection.

This is the order review section, confirm that all of your information is correct then press the button to place your order. This finial page will require your payment information. Follow the on-screen instructions to send the payment through. Once you are finished you will receive a conformation number for your order. You can check your order status through your account or via our phone system anytime.

From here you are finished; your order will be processed and delivered in a timely fashion. If you need to change or modify the order for any reason please contact customer service and we will be happy to help in any way we can. Questions, comments and other feedback are all greatly appreciated and allow us to improve our services to you by offering site changes and guides to make access easy, efficient and accurate every time.